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All You Got To Do Is Love

by Carson Parks


All We Gotta Do Is Love


I’m just one, fitting in between the spaces

Just someone, walking blind to all the faces  

I’m no one, just a shadow in 6 billion

Another star among the millions, only one


It’s hard to move, when you have nothing to live for

Hard to groove, when the happiness just ain’t there

Cut me loose, Cause I’m more than just another

Some ones friend and some ones brother, give me truth


When I wake up everyday I try to remind myself

That I’m a messenger of hope, and I stand beside myself

Step into my shoes, grab a cup of juice 

And I’m out the door, into a world at war


All we gotta do is love love love love

All we gotta do is love love love love

The battle is won but we still got to fight

Pick up a brother shine a little light

Let get together, love love love


It’s hard to see, in a life that’s all about me

Hard to breath, buried deep in what I should be

It’s too lonely, filling up an empty cup

Never ending up with enough, I’m moving on




I’m stuck in two worlds tonight 

Shades of gray, they bend the light

Black is wrong but it feels right

I don’t want to fight it, tonight

Streetlights fade as cars roll by

It’s harder and harder to run, I try

Sink or swim, fight or flight

I’m in over my head, tonight


How come every time I know what’s right, I fall

How come I don’t get it when I, have it all

My heart just isn’t in it sometimes when you call 

But I guess I cant live my life for you while I keep it all


My feet are flat my eyes are down

Wrapped up tight, nailed to the ground

Oh I’m drowning in a war of original sin

I can’t keep going no where, no where, I’m going no where 

Two worlds rip my heart apart

A battle for the weakest part

I can’t keep waking up with an empty broken heart

I gotta get movin on, moving on, I’m moving on


I came here with nothing and with nothing I’ll leave

But I’m fighting for something other than eternity 

A war on my shoulders in heavier air

Hours of lies, now I’m in repair.


I once was blind but now I see 

A colorful eternity

A hand made plan stands in front of me

That battle is over now, over now, it’s over now.


Take Your Time

It may be simple when you lay it out

The surface seems to tell the truth

Connect the dots laid out in black and white

What you get is what you got the lines are truth from dot to dot


But as for me it takes a different route

I put the I before the you, its obvious I don’t think everything through

So baby this is my apologies

I’m givin’ it up to you, I just don’t know what to do


I used to think this was my world

At any moment I could change all my plans

It was hard for me to look till tomorrow

When my footsteps were filled up by sand


Baby this keeps burning up, inside me just keeps churning up

Cause I caused you so much pain, fell so hard but love remained

Maybe we can stitch this up, forgive forget and finish up

And I know that scars remain, so take your time forgiving me for the pain


I though of ways that I could make it up

Dancing thoughts around for days, but I never made it out of that maze

You deserve nothing that I can give 

With a heart so pure and full, forgiveness overflows


I know you know that I’m sorry

Now I just gotta show you its true

You brought me back to the good life

Showed me what real love can do


The past never lies, what’s been broken inside is fixed, but only by time

Forgiven my sin, I’m made new again by your love, your love, your love, your love, your love

Your love, Your love